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Elevating Opportunities: Our Strategic Approach to Fundraising

Rigorous Due Diligence

Our fundraising endeavors entail a comprehensive due diligence process for each company seeking capital infusion, involving on-site visits and extensive dialogue sessions. Prospective companies are required to furnish comprehensive presentations and detailed Information Memoranda for potential investors. Additionally, we often commission succinct videos wherein senior management articulates the technology and commercial opportunities directly to prospective investors.

Each investment we make represents a significant minority equity stake, ranging from 5% to 25% of the portfolio company's equity. This ensures our commitment to fostering long-term growth and alignment with the company's vision.

Substantial Equity Stakes

Our engagements are formalized through meticulously drafted subscription or investment agreements. These agreements, supplemented by the company's Articles of Association, ensure clarity and alignment of interests between all parties involved.

Formalized Engagement

Our agreements encompass a range of provisions, including rights, minority protections, corporate governance tenets, and shareholder consent provisions. This comprehensive approach safeguards the interests of all stakeholders and sets the foundation for mutual success.

Comprehensive Agreements

We prioritize investments where there is strategic alignment between our objectives and those of the portfolio company. This ensures that both parties are working towards shared goals and driving sustainable growth.

Strategic Alignment

Our approach is guided by a long-term vision, where we seek to build enduring partnerships that create value over time. By focusing on sustainable growth and alignment of interests, we aim to maximize returns for all stakeholders involved.

Long-Term Vision

Empowering Transparency and Engagement Through Unified Investment Channels

All investments are channeled through the VAI Fund Entity, ensuring a transparent share register and fostering ongoing engagement with investee companies.

We vigilantly monitor the progress of all portfolio companies and retain the prerogative to appoint a Non-Executive Director or Observer to the Board, contingent upon our level of interest.

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