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Shaping the Future Now

Serving multi-stage companies on a mission to build the future.

Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders with Ethical Investments

Venture Alliance Investment Fund (L) Berhad (“VAI”)’s strategy is to source opportunities extending medium to long term capital appreciation through direct investments into established and prospective private companies to leverage on large-scale buyouts while having an immense commitment to ethical business conducts.

Investment managers of VAI Fund possesses deep expertise in the consumer products, brands, retail & consumer technologies as well as financial technologies, sectors which we believe are appreciably supported by the uprising global trend demanding for avant-garde technologies. 

Investing in Tomorrow’s Technology Today

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) recently forecasted a close to 4% year-over-year growth and $422 billion in retail revenue. The rosy outlook is driven by streaming services and wireless earbuds as well as a 5G connectivity and Artificial Intelligence-enabled devices. Likewise, the blooming industry has attracted a trend of continuous investments by industry players in Research & Development to competing to mastermind and institute the next significant technology or technology products. 

We actively scout for established businesses around the globe, primarily in the United States, Europe and Asia with innovative technologies meeting our investment criteria and objective, our portfolio is ought to develop synergies and underpin global relationships to foster extraordinary growth of businesses. 

Precision in Investment, Integrity in Growth

Our investment approach is formulated on a stringent due diligence process, risk, value and feasibility measurement, while identifying the growth catalyst in an investment. VAI’s due diligence structure is constantly remodelled to optimize adaptation to our investment objective and horizon. Our fund applies a long-term approach to manage expectations of accountability and integrity from our investors, relevant authorities and the public.

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